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The high status was confirmed by the educational programs of InEU. They proved that they are the guarantee of quality education, successful employment, and the diplomas from university are recognized all over the world.


The Accreditation Council of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) announced a positive decision to accredit 11 educational programs in three clusters of the Innovative Eurasian University. The Vice-Rector for Academic Work of InEU, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor – Akmaral Kadyrova described the details of the specialized accreditation.

- I congratulate that the University has successfully passed the accreditation. What does the accreditation give to the university? InEU is already a well-known university in the region and the republic, isn’t it?

- Thank you. This is a worthy work for the entire InEU team. What does accreditation give to the university? First and foremost, thequality of our educational programs, its relevance in the modern labor market. And this means that our graduates will be necessarily employed. By the way, our university is included in the top-5 among universities for employment in Kazakhstan, it is almost 100%. An additional point is that the accreditation is an opportunity for further full-fledged cooperation within the framework of academic mobility programs and double-degreed education programs with leading universities in Russia and foreign countries.

We have passed this difficult procedure with honor and are ready to conquer new peaks along with our students.

- And what specific specialties were accredited at that is time by an external expert commission?

- It was a specialized accreditation, therefore, at the first place, a huge responsibility was attaches to the clusters where these educational programs work. The first cluster: 5V042100 Design, 5V072400 Technological machines and equipment, 5V073100 Life safety and environmental protection. The second cluster includes 5V070900 Metallurgy, 5V072700 Technology of food products, 5V120200 Veterinary Sanitation. And the third cluster is 5V050600 Economy and 6М050700 Management, 6М010300 Pedagogics and psychology.

We preparing the future elite of competitive specialists who will contribute to the development and prosperity of our sovereign Kazakhstan.

- Thank you for the interview and good luck .

Press office of InEU

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