IMG 8595The books from the fund of the scientific library of the Innovative Eurasian University, published by our scientists, were presented at the exhibition "Proceedings of scientists - graduates of PSPI" in the Pavlodar State Pedagogical Institute.

IMG 0144-23-11-17-09-00Young teachers of the department AA. Musabekov and A.A. Kamenov held open classes on the topics "Theoretical Foundations of Electrical Engineering", "Theoretical Foundations of Heat Engineering" in the first, second courses of heat and power engineering.

IMG 5138 500x333The new laboratory of chemical technology was opened in our University today, with the support of Armen Epremyan, member of the Board of Trustees of the Innovative University of Eurasia.



In Astana, "Startupweekend" was held from October 20 to 22. The purpose of the event is to create favorable conditions for effective interaction of the business community with educational institutions, state and commercial structures.

IMG 4554The social project - the initiative of students of the Innovative Eurasian University within the framework of the project of the International Bank and the ZHAS Project started on Saturday. At the first lesson, nine people came - the guys from the specially corrected school-Internet number 1.

Никитин ГМ 3Today the jubilee of the wonderful teacher and outstanding scientist Gennady Mikhaylovich Nikitin! From the bottom of our heart, we congratulate our colleague, an extraordinary person, a real intellectual with his 75th birthday! We are glad that fate has brought us together with you.

Директор ИнЕУ

At the dedication to students of InEU College freshmen were reminded many times that the most important thing for a student is study. Concert program in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, incendiary dances, beautiful songs, funny contests and, most importantly, wise words of farewell waiting for newcomers.

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Students of the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU) are given the opportunity to practice in the walls of the Pavlodar Regional Prosecutor's Office and take practical knowledge from experienced prosecutors.

Бакауов лекция 2

Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov delivered a lecture "Socio-economic development of Pavlodar region. Plans and prospects "at a meeting with students of local universities, held at the Innovative Eurasian University (InEU).


Graduates, who have passed the UNT within the walls of Innovative University of Eurasia, collect a certificate of results of the test. There are photos play-by-play.


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